Heidi Stassen  
Career Snapshot
September 2014

My credentials combine over 18 years of experience in the marketing, brand, media & retail sectors. Always looking for a challenge, my strongest assets refer to relations management, marketing strategies, brand development, communication & content management and problem solving skills.
My work ethic is results driven to bottom line achievement and I enjoyed some remarkable successes throughout a very diverse & exciting career, covering the Hospitality, Retail, Media and Publishing as well as the Educational sectors.


Having spent the past 4 years actively involved with various online & digital projects, I strongly believe that business owners, broadcasters and print-media providers alike, will need to adopt fully integrated digital business strategies across all platforms in order to remain successful in the future.

As I am passionately driven by success, creativity, diversity and innovation, I naturally adapt to & embrace change. This ability has been singled out as the strongest contributing attribute to my career successes. It is a personal attribute that not only promotes growth but also aligns perfectly with the ever changing online environment that forms the core of any business today and for the future.

Career Summary
Majohi Consultants (Self owned)
Independent Business Consultant
March 2012 – Current
Majohi Consultants Reliabuild
General Management, Sales & Marketing Consultant
Sep 2012 – May 2013
Majohi Consultants Almond & Tucci International (Geneva)
Business Consultant contracted to Almond & Tucci, South Africa
Sep 2012 – May 2013
Majohi Consultants Project
Content Management / Consulting
Mar 2012 – Aug 2012
Vehicle Traders Online Media
NBD Manager
Oct 2010 – Sep 2011
Rochester Home Décor
Marketing & Nbd Manager
Jun 2008 – Feb 2010
Avusa Consumer Magazines,Elle,Elle Deco, Longevity
Coordinating Manager
Jun 2005 – May 2008

     March 2012– Current             Majohi Consultants
                                                            March 2012 – Present (2 years 6 months)
                                                            Cape Town, Western Cape (South Africa)

                                                            Independent Business Consultant
                                                            Communications, Relations, Business, Marketing, Sales, Media & Brand Strategies
Business Consultation Executive Level (Management consulting)

Contracted to perform various functions as an independent business consultant to national & international clients, Majohi Consultants was established in March 2012. Majohi offers specialised business services across various industries and business sectors that includes but is not limited to;

1.   Creative Direction (print, film, broadcasting & digital)
2.   Content Management
3.   Corporate Video Production Direction and editing
4.   Communications & Public Relations
5.   Graphic Design & Corporate Identity Development
6.   Web Design and Development
7.   Brand Development & Product Positioning
8.   Marketing & Media Planning
9.   Online & Social Media Management
10. Business strategies & Project or New Business development
11. Subject specific Research & analysis
12. Project Coordination & management

Majohi holds strategic business relations with long term colleague & supplier Norman Visser, owner of the renowned web & design house, REDHOT DESIGN.  Together they can offer clients a 360° business, marketing, and on-line solution that is tailor made to individual client requirements.
                                        Majohi Consultants Client History In order: current to oldest

Bhongolethu Training (Fix term contract - ongoing)
January 2014 – Present (8 months)
Cape Town, South Africa (national operations)

Bhongolethu Training is a National Specialist Training company with their head office based in Randburg Gauteng. I am contracted as an independent consultant for the complete portfolio management specified as course, technology, business development, client relations, brand and marketing management.

ü  New Business Development:  NEW TENDER TRAINING DIVISON
ü  Strategic planning & project management for national introduction to the marketplace
ü  In depth Research covering Market analyses, legal requirement & industry regulations
ü  Researching, Writing & Compiling of Course material
Creative development of fully Animated Course Presentations
ü  Brand development, brand positioning and ongoing brand awareness campaigns.
ü  Advertising, Promotion, Sales and Marketing of the tender training division ongoing.
ü  Creative & content management for social media infiltration to targeted audience.
ü  Operational support, planning, coordinating and booking of training sessions nationally.
ü  National client relations & active enquiry support contact person.
ü  Newsletter Content & communications for email marketing
*** Additional work commissioned & completed:  June 2014
     Web design & development (including all content & creative direction
FinYou (Personal, Retail & Commercial Loans) May – July 2014
Public Relations, Marketing, Media Relations: Awareness Campaign
3 month Project

Sentigol Tendersure June 2014
Promotional Video: Create, Direct & Production
Creative direction & conceptualisation, filming the actual tender program & system functionality, interviews with key players. Directing, producing and editing complete including sound & live voice overs.

Path2Driving (UK) May 2014
Web Design & Development including graphic design, logo design & content creation for UK based Driving School (Start up business)
Content creation & Social media page creation (Facebook / Twitter / Google +)

Hide&Teak Furniture  April / May 2014
Web Design & Development including product photo shoots, graphic design & full content management. (Start up business)
Page creation & Ongoing social media management (Facebook / Twitter/ Google +)

Frika Hair  May 2014 & September 2014
Video Re-Production (editing and producing compilation mix from existing promotional material)

CleanSeal (UK) April & May 2014
Development of Corporate Identity & Logo Design.
Graphic Design of Business cards, Stationary design, Advertisements, Promotional Leaflets and Banner design (to printers in the UK)

Sep 2012– May 2013                     Reliabuild
                                                            Consulting management: General, Project, Sales & Marketing and Strategy
Cape Town, Western Cape (South Africa)
Consulting Project management (Management consulting)

Reliabuild is a new innovative on-line trade directory with the aim to become an easy accessible and reliable link between trusted traders/businesses and the public in SA. This digital platform is growing steadily both with active listing companies and search results.

                                                            CONSULTING FUNCTION
ü  Developed a solid business plan based on research & assessments of online classifieds & free listing sites both internationally and local
ü  Develop & implement simple methodology, functionality and process flow of the website.
ü  Creative design & Corporate Identity and Logo development
ü  Brand development, positioning and brand awareness.
ü  SEO activities across various platforms, web design, functionality and creative and visual direction
ü  Content management and initial development monitoring
ü  Ongoing professional interaction on social media platforms.

Over the past 18 months the web platform is already recognised by search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo with Web Traffic insights reflecting on both and Its client listings are steadily growing nationally with the web traffic currently averaging at around 10,000 visits per month. The business results show a steady monthly up-worth growth despite its current ZERO paid advertising policy.

Sep 2012– May 2013                     Almond & Tucci International (Geneva)
Consulting Business Development
Cape Town, Western Cape (South Africa)
Consulting Executive Level (Management consulting)

Almond & Tucci International is a Development Consultancy Firm Based in Geneva with business interests in Southern Africa. They hold strong relations with The South African Department of Trade & Industry with the aim to establish European business investment in South Africa and to promote trade between Europe and Africa in general.

Majohi Consultants entered into a year contract with Almond & Tucci International, responsible for international & national relations management, communications between prospective clients in SA, governmental organisations and the identified industries and acting business support. ( 2 x 6 week missions completed)

       Mar 2012– Aug 2012             Find The Gap Software
                                                            Consulting Content & Special Projects Manager
Cape Town, Western Cape (South Africa)
Consulting Senior Level (Marketing)

Find the Gap Systems are a software company offering a fully integrated service to retailers and wholesalers. The need to intergrade the backend (software) with frontend (web social media & online activities) developed and increased. I performed functions on a consulting basis for FTG Systems that included account management, content management, brand development, online training modules and visual direction.

Previous Employment (permanent positions)

      Oct 2010– Feb 2012                 NBD Manager (Vehicle Traders Online Media)
Cape Town (South Africa)
Contract Senior Level position in the Business Development management sector

Vehicle Traders Limited Edition is a global affiliate online powerhouse, showcasing dealers stock on-line.  APPROXIMATELY 2,500,000 MILLION STOCK PAGES ARE DELIVERED TO A TARGETED AUDIENCE PER MONTH VIA OUR ONLINE PLATFORM. Vehicle Traders is serving clients within the motor industry in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Philippines and Mauritius

                                                            PORTFOLIO INCLUDED
1.     To establish an ONLINE DIVISION with a company profile, a proper business plan with free flowing operations to run an efficient and cost effective business.
2.     To develop, establish and implement business processes from operations, sales, admin, accounts, policies and procedures,
3.     IT related feedback report systems for bulk dumps for larger groups as well as manual processes for the independent dealers.
4.     Develop, maintain and sustain effective client relations processes

Reason for Leaving: CONTRACT

         Jun 2008– Feb 2010             Marketing & NBD Manager (Rochester Home Decor)
Johannesburg North (South Africa)
Permanent Management Level position (Marketing management)

To develop, establish and maintain a sound Marketing & Adverting department with the aim to strengthen the brand position, to increase market share & to implement promotional activities in support of, and leading to increased sales income. To ensure efficient & cost effective business practise and growth.

                                                            PORTFOLIO INCLUDED
1. Media planning, negotiations and business relations
2. Develop & implement all departmental strategies
3. Brand development, positioning and ongoing brand awareness
4. Advertising and marketing activities: print, broadcasting and digital
5. Multi Media Solutions: develop and implement suitable strategies

Reason for Leaving: RELOCATE TO CAPE TOWN

       Jun 2005– May 2008             Coordinating Manager (Johncom and later Avusa Media)
                                                            Consumer Magazines - Elle, Elle Decoration & Longevity
Johannesburg North (South Africa)
Permanent Management Level position (Brand, Marketing & Media)

Critical link in the structure of Consumer Magazines. To manage fluent business flow between departments across magazine titles nationwide and ensure clear direction and project information is fed through to the relevant departments. Ensure efficient, effective, competitive and objective practice resulting in Performance Management.

1.        Critical link between all departments and Business Unit Head
2.        Assisting in budget control per department
3.        Managing and coordinating efficient & cost effective practice
4.        Conceptualising & Creative direction of projects and promotional events
5.        Managing sponsorships and sponsorship budgets
6.        Actively involved with budget planning of strategic projects
7.        Research (consumer & product) and feedback on critical information


                       Jun 2013             International Communications in English
Certificate at ETS CAPE TOWN (Professional Institution)
International Communications in English Executive Level

                      Sep 2004             NQF 7 Service Seta Assessor
Diploma at Assessment College of South Africa (College)
Plan, Conduct & Assess Learner Outcomes, Training & Mentorship

                      Aug 2003             Operations and Project Management
Diploma at Six sigma (Professional Institution)
Diploma Operations & Project Management, PR, Marketing, Communication

                      Nov 1991             ND PR
Diploma at Cape Technikon (Technikon)
National Diploma Public Relations

                      Nov 1988             Matric
Grade 12 / Matric at Brackenfell High School (Secondary/High School)
Matric with Exemption

Afrikaans - Read, Write, Speak
English    - Read, Write, Speak                            

                      Aug 2013             Best Advertisement (Design) of the month: Ghuru Ads (Reliabuild 2013)
                        Jul 2013             Best Test Result (National) with highest ETS score reached in 3 years of 96% (ETS Cape Town)
                      Nov 2009             Opening of 5 new retail outlets in 1 year (Rochester Home Decor)
                      Sep 2008             Establishing of marketing & advertising department for Rochester Home Décor (International acquisition – Geros Retail holdings reporting to Steinhoff)
                      Sep 2006             Excellence in Service 2006/7 Award (Elle, Elle Decor, Longevity magazines)
                       Oct 2004             Best presentation Award 2003/4 (Fidelity Supercare Sheraton Hotel)
                       Apr 2004             President Busch visit 2004 (Sheraton Hotel)
                      Sep 2003             World Summit 2003 - Service Performance Award (Fidelity Supercare Sheraton Hotel)

                              Sep 2003             Area Manager of the Year 2003/4 (FSC) (Fidelity Supercare Sheraton Hotel)

Speaking Events
                  Apr 2005/6/7             Launch of Longevity Magazine in Afrikaans (Business Event)
Launch of Magazine / MC at events / Public relations speaker
Johannesburg North (South Africa)

                     Oct 2008/9/10             Press Conference / Radio Interviews (Marketing)
Opening of Retail Stores, competitions and public relations events
Johannesburg North (South Africa)

                                                            Fully computer literate
                                                            Business: Advance Excel, Microsoft Office & Outlook
                                        Creative:   Adobe Creative Suites, Video editing, Graphic Design, sound     HTML & Word press operating skills, SEO, Social Media Networking, Research & Web Analytics.
                                                            Added skills & experience:
                                                            Journalism / photography / voice overs
                                                            (Previously: singer & recording artist / backing vocals for various singers)
                      Sep 2014             Majohi Consultants (Producer)
Video (Youtube)
                       Jun 2014             Bhongolethu Training Website (Author)
                      May 2014             Path2Driving Website (Author)
                       Apr 2014             Hide&Teak Website (Author)
                      Mar 2014             Majohi Consultants (Author)
                       Feb 2013             Reliabuild website (Author)


                                                            Inter Personal, Team & Management Skills    over 10 years

                                                            Presentation & Public Speaking Skills              over 10 years

                                                            Performance Management Skills                      over 10 years

                                                            Budget, Cost Effective & Efficient Business   over 10 years

                                                            Creative Direction, Innovative & Vision            over 10 years

                                                            Marketing & Brand management                      over 10 years

                                                            PR & Relations & Communications                   over 10 years

                                                            Digital Marketing Integration                               5 to 10 years

                                                            Social Media & Networking                                 5 to 10 years

                                                            Computer (Excellent)                                           over 10 years

Career Snapshot

I’ve gained extensive experience in both the public and private sector and had the opportunity to conduct  business with mentors like Erika Alberts (Publisher), Jackie Burger (Editor) and Fred Ginsberg (Marketing Guru) amongst others.

My credentials combine over 15 years of experience in the media & retail sectors, across several media platforms. I held senior management positions as Coordinating Manager AVUSA MEDIA, Operations Manager SHERATON HOTEL PRETORIA, Marketing and Business Development Manager ROCHESTER HOME DECOR (GEROS RETAIL HOLDINGS) and Marketing Manager XBUY (Online media).

My business approach based on delivering quality projects, efficient planning, hands-on management and cost effective practise, contributed to great successes in my career e.g., 24% revenue increase for the financial year 2009 at Rochester Home Decor.
This said, during most trying times for the SA retail sector, entering the resession and world economical crises.

As part of my function at Rochester Home Decor, I’ve conducted an extensive market, product and consumer behaviour study and re-introduced the brand identity and promise including the redesign of the CI (corporate identity).

A challenge for change without creating consumer confusion.

I strongly believe that we are living in exponential times and that broadcasters. retailers and media content providers should respond and position themselves best to exploit opportunities brought by changes in technology and regulations.



  1. Marketing & Sales of company services.
  2. Quotations, costing of jobs & tenders
  3. Preparations and presentations of quotations and tenders.
  4. Production & Logistic planning.
  5. Research (product, target market, brand & consumer behaviour)
  6. Media planning, Media Relations , Press releases and PR Functions
  7. Management of Departmental Expense control (up to R 14 M per budget year)
  8. Strategic Business Planning (Brand and Product positioning)
  9. Annual Budget Planning & Projection (negotiations and control)
  10. Couch, Mentor, Guide & Lead.
  11. Creative direction, planning & production management  (TV, Radio and print).
  12. On line solutions for the management of user  friendly , functional, effective and practical web portals including social media and SEO.
  13. Content & Copy - write, edit & manage

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