The magic of internet connectivity creates work opportunities beyond measure!

  Hard at work behind the scenes doing what I love
and loving what I do!

I embrace change and welcome that which I can change. I don't interfere with the natural progression and developmentof things that I can’t change.  
I have gained the knowledge and the wisdom to know the difference 
whilst travelling on my life’s journey thus far.

I transform through preparedness.
I get a sense of satisfaction when I finally see results. 
And those results should come soon. 
I don't give up and my momentum is strong. 
I shall stay confident as I realise that hard work 
will bring me everything I want in life.

The universe has arranged for me to cross paths with individuals who excites and inspire me.  
I am empowered by choice and  my asset is negotiation. 
Treading with caution I take pride in directing action to build a safe environment & to mold my vision.

Come all you people and gather around for the times are a changing.  

It is simply time to take one giant step outside the box 
... not to doubt my instincts for a single second…


Life's too short. We are not immortal!
Draw inspiration from your partner, your family, and your friends! Fuel yourself at work. This will help you to get your job done even better, pleasing everyone in your work environment.

It's the little things that make life special, and on a day like today, 
I am much more in tune with them. 
I might even get others to see how sweet life is if we takeour eyes off the prize for a moment 
nd take time to realize our potential .

June 2012 – looking forward to great things to come!


  1. Struggled to get this tabs in place but perseverance paid off! woop woop

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