Sunday, 30 September 2012

I embrace change and welcome 
that which I can change. 
I don't interfere with the natural 
progression and development 
of things that I can’t change.  
I have gained 
the knowledge and the wisdom 
to know the difference 
whilst travelling on my life’s journey thus far. 

The universe has arranged for me to cross paths 
with individuals who excites and inspire me.  
I am empowered by choice and my asset is negotiation. 
Treading with caution I take pride in directing 
action to build a safe environment & to mold my vision.

I play fair and can hold my own against my peers in my chosen arena. 
I develop confidence, refine my intentions and make progress 
by being prepared to put my desires, beliefs, ideas, & skills to the test. 
I put my money where my mouth is.

I am empowered by healthy competition and 
I transform through preparedness.
I get a sense of satisfaction when I finally see results. 
And those results should come soon. 
I don't give up and my momentum is strong. 
I shall stay confident as I realise that hard work 
will bring me everything I want in life.

Come all you people and gather around for the times are a changing.  

It is simply time to take 
one giant step outside the box 
... not to doubt my instincts for a single second…

This change is all about fulfilling the next part of my life’s journey. 
I am prepared for this new road which I travel on 
because it is based on what I value, treasure and love.

I can once again, as so many times before, 
establish strong boundaries wherein 
solid foundations of great possibilities can be laid. 
I'm large and in charge as master of my domain. 
It would be my honorable duty to repossess my strengths 
and abilities and direct my sight towards those dreams I can make true. 
My future, success and interests will grow 
through appreciation of those whose support & loyalty I vitally depended on. 
I won't let them down.

It's the little things that make life special, and on a day like today, 
I am much more in tune with them. 
I might even get others to see how sweet life is if we take 
our eyes off the prize for a moment 
and take time to realize our potential . 

So I  place my confidence in my innate abilities.
Things are shifting gears for me lately…
in a good way. 
I now know the future lies in timing. 
I am empowered by preparation in balance.
and my asset is using time wisely

I strive for equality and choose not to indulge instant gratification 
at the expense of my purpose.

Keep to the bargain but leave room for improvement. 
Break the mould! HHH

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